TOEFL essay: Neighbours become a part of our family

Neighbours become a part of our family they r the first one u share everything right from ur food to an emergency.So it is very important u have the right kind of neighbours .

One of the most desirable quality u want to have in ur neighbour is they should easy going .Friendly talk is the first step towards breaking the ice between two strangers .Soit is of prime importance that they are pleasant and quiet affable in nature.

Another quality i would admire in a neighbour is they should be helpful .A person is judged on his availability and desire to help during a crisis situation .Relationship can grow well if ur neighbours are helpful enough.

Finally,having said all this neighbours should not be too interfering .There is a thing line between being helpful and invading others privacy.Neighbours should understand that we also have lives apart from them they should be well aware of their limits.

In my conclusion neighbours with the right balance of things can be a fun to live next door to.

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