Toefl essay: Museums

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Many people visit museums when they travel to new places. Why do you think people visit museums? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Museums are places, public or private, where there is an exhibition of rare articles or interesting things, like fossilized bones that have been preserved for millions of years or the sword of a king from the middle ages. All of us, as kids or even as adults, have visited and admired these places where one is simply captivated by the exhibits.
There could be myriad reasons why people flock, to various kinds of museums, by the millions. One of the primary reasons would be the hunger for knowledge. We are human beings after all ,and ,one of the qualities that we have been endowed with is curiosity. For instance, who wouldn’t want to see how big the skeleton of the dinosaur T. rex is ?
Kids are also frequent visitors of the museums. Schools make it a point to arrange for excursions to such places where children can learn and enjoy at the same time. College students also take advantage of the facilities provided here like old texts, fossils, old records and enrich their knowledge about their subject.
Tourists have their own reasons for a trip to the museum. This place provides them with ample opportunities to learn about the place, it’s history and the culture. Besides, most museums now-a-days, have other fun-filled activities for kids in the museum complex itself like science based games or movie shows, to ensure wholesome entertainment.
The community also benefits from the activities of the museum because it preserves their heritage. For example, a once decripit old church in our neighbourhood was converted to a museum and is now being maintained by the funds it receives from the tourists.
Thus, museums have become an integral part of a region’s identity and provide necessary impetus, not only to the advancement of scientific knowledge but also to the tourism industry of that region.

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