TOEFL essay: Movies that entretain or that make us think

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Everyday Cinema is making a step forward, it has achieved many important changes and improvements. Though the goals of movie in all countries differ from one to another, we can resume two types of movies : movies that are designed for entertainment and others that are designed for thinking.

Both types of movies leave good impact on the audience if the actors, the subjects, and the financial needs were available and professionly selected. For example movies that are designed primarily for amusement and entretainment help people forget about their daily problems and stress, it’s a way of having fun and enjoying life, some nations are in very need of this kind of movies.Let’s take for an instance Iraq and other countries that knows violence periods, all what these people hear and watch is news about terrorist suicide bombings and hundreds of killed people everyday … entretaining movies will help innocent civilians at least make their life easy, have an ambitious look, and look forward for a better futur.

On the other hand movies that are designed to make the audience think also have very important influence and impact on them, some movies give us facts and stories about very important events, and very important people, this kind of movies are sometimes better than books, man’s best freind, because they give us stories using sound and image. Movies that makes us think help us improve our intelligence, and gives us new ways of thinking, discover and learn new things …

To sum up, it would be hard for me to choose between the two types of movies, but why not choose movies that both makes us think and have fun, there are some movies that adresses special messages and make us think using amusment and entrainment technics, Charle chaplin movies for example were one of the first movies that both entretain us and make us think, everybody knows that chaplin was up to this day very funny and enjoyable and also he resolved and showed us the misery and problems of europeans at that time concerning work and life in general.

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Try to make sure that your singular subject has a singular verb and a plural subject has a plural verb.


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