TOEFL essay: Movie are popular all over the world.

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Movie are popular all over the world

Now a days there are so many resources for entertainment such as clubs, discos, movies.
Only young groups like to go to clubs and discos, but there is a one entertainment area is reserved for all ages, is movie. There are so many (numbers of) people who like to watch movies whether its at home or in theaters. Movies are popular in all ages people. There are cartoon movies for kids, action , drama , love storyetc , for who like all this. Movis refresh your mind.spending three hours in theaters or at home energize your body

I also like to watch films. I can watch 3-4 movies per day. movies are so famous in all over the word, spending few money and get more entertainment by watching movies,
The Sets, costume, scene, dialogues, story everything attracts people to watch movie

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