TOEFL Essay: Marry someone similar or different?


Please evaluate my essay.


Essay Topic
Is it better to marry someone who is similar to you, rather than someone who is different from you. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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In my opinion it is better to marry someone who is similar, rather than different from me. I believe in this because it is easier to understand a person who thinks similarly.

Moreover, sharing the same hobbies, interets, goals and values can help in reducing the adjustment time required after marriage. For example, when a couple have a similar attitude towards work, they are able to understand each others decisions for things like staying late in office, or seriousness of an issue.

Also, if two people share common goals that they want to achieve in life, they are able to work together rather than against each other. For instance, a husband may not want to have a child until five years after marriage, but the wife wants to, this can lead to misunderstandings, fights and effect inter-personal relationships.

In most societies people look for partners with similar backgrounds and of the same religion. In this way the people are able to adapt to each others society. For instance, in my country i.e. India, there is some amount of social stigma on inter-religion or inter-caste marriages. Thus eventually, the couples and their families face difficulty in adapting to each others cultural practices.

Thus, for the above mentioned reasons I would prefer to marry someone similar to me.

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