TOEFL essay: Learning alone vs. learning with a teacher

Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer?

Having a good method of studying is very essential in every student’s accomplishment. In the past, people take it for granted that a student cannot make progress without a teacher. However, nowadays, self-study has become preferable and I believe that students can come off by themselves.

As a student, I confirm that self-study is the best way of acquiring knowledge. When self-studying, students have to figure out and analyze the problems or information by themselves. Then they try to hold the grasp of knowledge, practice it, do some reference and finally, testify their ability. All the processes are done alone, which helps them to take in the knowledge gingerly and thoroughly, although it is a bit difficult to learn without orientation.

In addition, self-study also enhances the confidence and independence in the students. Those characteristics are very important for them to become a good worker in the future. As I know, some torpid students learn with their teachers in a passive way, because they think as long as they have good teachers, they do not need to practice by themselves anymore. In contrast, self-studying students are always active and voluntary in learning. They fail due to their mistakes, yet they can learn from mistakes to be competent. They may be dispirited by abstruse theorems and lengthy tenet of philosophy, but anything difficult to gain is very laudatory. Thus, their achievements, are what they deserve and reliable on reflecting their real ability.

Some people argue that, in case the students cannot solve the problems, how will they manage without teachers? But I think they can. At present, advanced technology and science has improved their status of learning. For instance, rapid access to Internet is a fantastic source of their queries.

I maintain that self-study has proved itself to be an ideal way of studying. A globalized world requires its offspring to be dynamic, independent and capable of doing every task with aplomb, and self-study can infill them with those features.

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