TOEFL Essay: Judging a person by external appearance

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person should never judge a person by external appearance. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.
I believe that judging about anyone by his external appearance, we perform a tremendous mistake. I have numerous examples in my life when I didn’t like the people at first site but eventually they have become my friends.

The culture and subculture determine the appearance of their followers, but they don’t determine the entire consciences and qualities of the representatives. There are manifold types of clothes all over the world and if the woman wears in Arab headscarf it doesn’t mean that she is a terrorist. It’s most probably the part of her culture, but unfortunately we have in mind stereotypes from a TV. Even in one country numerous subcultures represents the different types of the appearances yet good and bad people are everywhere.

As a matter of fact people have bad and good days and they look and behave accordingly to their moods. It’s quite common when a person, having temporary money problems, wears and looks not too exquisite and, even he’s a good specialist, it will be hard for him to find a job. Sometimes a person don’t have enough time to maintain the glamorous appearance, what obviously doesn’t signify that he is worse than another, spending his time in a beauty shop.

Someone, who doesn’t have excellent exterior, could have other, more important qualities. Will you be friends with the beautiful but stupid and selfish man? Certainly will not. He could be a good musician, awesome orator and perfect sportsman, but you wouldn’t give him a chance to show all these talents if you paid attention only to the imperfect appearance. Also, we could have some bad remembrances relating with the certain appearance and sometimes it’s difficult to overcome them.

I believe it’s not right to judge people by their exterior because you could miss the chance to meet with very interesting humans and make useful acquaintances.

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