TOEFL essay: It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than...

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It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city . Do you agree or disagree ? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay…

There is a drastic contrast between and country side and big cities.Country side is all peaceful without much pollution,noise and without much activity.Life goes on in a leisure pace.Whereas its just the opposite in a big city.Its all hustle bustle.lots of noise,pollution and life is always going and going.

I disagree with the statement that it is better for children to grow up in the country side that in a big city because in my opinion I feel that children from their child hood itself learn everything.When they spend their childhood in a country side and in the future if they had to come to a city they cannot cope up with the fast pace of life in the city.its takesa lot of time for them to adjust to the atmosphere in the city.In the initial stages when leaving the country side they will be happy an djumping with joy that they are coming to a big city.Starting few days they will enjoy the big cities,the places,the wonders,the skyscrapers,etc.But slowly they come to know the hardship of living inthe city and thus will take a lot of time for them to adjust in th ecity.

Therfore if at an early age they are brought up ina big city itself they will understand the people of teh city.The ways to behave with others,etc.they will get used to the pollution,the hustle bustle inthe city life.they will always be busy in city.As they know the city from childhood they will have no difficulty in travelling to far distances within the city,they will know which colleges or universities are good and when they join they can easily mingle with the other students.There is lots of development in the city than in country side.Even doing a small job can earn us lots of money which can’t be earned in the country side.

Even though life is hard in the city and there is no silence and peace as found in country side,it is better for children to grow up inteh city itself as hey wil get used to the hard ships in life.Cities are rapidly spreading into the country side.Many people started to bulid factories,bulding even in teh country side,therfore in the future there may be no more country side.So children has to get used to the future that is live in the big cities.

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