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Always telling truth is the most important consideration in any relationship

IN GOD WE TRUST is a well known statement all across North America and people do respect it and follow it. I agree that speaking truth is best in any situation or any relationship. It builds stronger trust between people and one can stand with you and for you if you ever face any trouble in life.

Honesty is the best policy is one of the very well known proverb be it in any part of the world. Strong and concrete relationships are built on truth. A husband and a wife have trust and love that keeps them together for life long. A child is like a flower who blooms in a good human nature if he is raised with good beliefs and good care. Speaking truth is a good habit that a child can learn from his elders when he sees them following it and not lying to cover up things.

Different relationships will have a different meaning on truth. Like between coworkers who are of same grade, between a boss and a subordinate, between a mother and a child and of course between Almighty and oneself. One can lie to anyone in any circumstances but how far can one run from oneself and one’s soul. A lie told will always haunt you till the last breath you have, so its better to speak truth and live a trustworthy life not for others but for oneself. In situations if one has to lie and that lie is caught he / she will still be forgiven by his loved ones and they would understand that the lie must have been told for a better reason and they would understand the suitation.

I do agree that speaking truth in all relationship isn’t a must. Sometimes is not necessary that you speak the truth depending on a situation as the opposite person might be hurt when he / she hears the truth and may not be able to cope up with the situation.

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