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In your country, is there more need for land to be left in its natural condition or is there more need for land to be developed for housing and industry? Use specific reason to support your answer.

Environment and wild life extinction is the ongoing problem of the 21st century. Increasing deforestation and increasing building has causes the major environment changes. The global warming is the alarming threat to all of us. However, most of the people although with or without knowing this problems, continue to cut forest areas and build high building.

In my country, for the past few years in the name of modernisation, the government has started building many high tech houses and industry. Many forest areas were razed to ground. As a result, the earlier clean air of the places is now polluted with smoke produced by the industries and the vehicles. At the same time, there is also increasing number of people suffering from lungs and eyes infection. The dumping of tocsin wastes of industries in various places are now spoiling the fertility of the land and also the ground water. In addition, unheard in our history, today we have increasing rate of different epidemic diseases.

The increasing number of building and industry has also affected the thought and culture of the country. The cutthroat competition in job market and desire to earn money has devalued the thinking of people. People today become more selfish and narrowed their thinking power.

Therefore, I think we do not need to develop more housing and industries. Rather it is now time for us to preserve the left land for greenery not only for us but also for the future generations.

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