TOEFL essay: How does television influence people’s behavior?

How does television influence people’s behavior ?

In the past, limited communication caused people’s behavior to depend on their natures. Because there was nothing that they could learn from. As the time went by, people invented their languages ,so communication was first developed in that era. The development of it gradually progressed until people invented the first printer .The progress of communication has been rapidly increasing. Recently media is the important part of communities particularly television. Since the invention of television , a lot of people have interested in news and communication even the illiterate.

Nowadays, television is one of the most popular kinds of media ,therefore, it is surely that television must influence people’s behavior both negative and positive.

First , negatively, television contribute laziness and lethargy . According to many researches about the influences of television to people, one of them is television addicted people are risk to be lazy and lethargic . Truly many television addicted people spend their own time watching it. Undoubtedly, their time is not much left to do anything else. The obvious example of this negative aspect of addiction is me. Few years ago, there was a series of movie in television which interested me. I spent many hours watching it even though it had ended a part of that day. I watched many programs next to it in spite of the fact that they did not interest me. And I felt not wanting to do anything , I have just known later that it is Television Addiction.

Second, television addicted people lack of thinking ability. Television presents many programs , game shows , including news . A lot of researchers do not recommend people to watch television much because almost all program in it has already synthesize one’s thought and idea . People will lose their thinking ability if they take most of leisure time to watch it .While they are watching it ,they only receive the information ,but their brains do not work when they’re receiving information. Few years later ,their brain cells will decrease and that causes them scarcity of thinking ability.

Positively, television obtained people sense of humor . Many programs presented on television are comedies .In the present, there are many deceases which cause by stresses ,and they can lead to death. To decrease them needs to have an amusing activity ,so comedies in television are a good way .Because television is easy and convenient for people to approach.

Conclusively, television influences people’s behavior ;especially, people who are addicted to television . However, the negatives shall be cleared if ones know when it is appropriate to stop watching television and know when they should relax themselves by watching it.

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