TOEFL essay: Food is an importatnt thing for the human and animal

As we all know food is an importatnt thing for the human and animal to help them to continue their life’s and the esential source of the energy comes from food, but day after day the way of how to prepare food come more easier, as we can see in the market there’re food are made for the people who live in busy life they don’t have enough time to do thier meals so they just can buy this type of food which need to prepare them less than 5 mins by using micrwive, it heats the food in short peroid and in the same time they have a good tasty, becouse the life style came diffrent than before so the companys are helping us by produce such as theis kind of food and theis new generation always prefer the food that it prepare in short time or they prefer the fast food which it needs only 10 mins to stand in the que and have your meal ready and it’s not cost alot it’s cheap if we compare it with other resturants and they always be more tasty. in the end i always prefer and ask to eat home meal even if it’s only two days aweek on the weekend the house wife should do home meal if she has work then she can do home meal in the weekend just to be sure that her child has a good health and his or her body takes all the source that the body needs.

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