TOEFL essay examples: Parents are the best teachers

Is this much enough for 45 seconds speaking section in Toefl, how much score will be getting for this essay

Parents are best teachers.They are the role models for their children. Parents are most influential people for children. Many infants are very close to parents. They can really help in devloping good habits, finding right carrier, giving good education to kids.

Future is in the hands of kids.Good education is needed for this.
Parents give them good education. Education makes a child smart, motivated, confidence. Parents play a key role in developing confidence. Giving respect to others, good manners r taught by them. Greeting other people is a good habit found in America. Eventhough u do not know a person say a hello or hai makes his/her day happy.

Finding right carrier is important for a bright future. i got support from my parents to become a musician. Their unconditional love & support helped me to acheive this goal. Parents can share their experience for us.

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Consider the fact that those 45 seconds will pass with the blink of an eye, due to you being extremely nervous …

Stop writing in down, but record yourself … practice !

One of the questions got me completely hysterical, I lost track of what I was saying and the next thing I knew … time had run out. It took 3 points away.

'Bout your writing, the sentences are almost robotic - too short. You don’t exactly have the right connectors either. Expand your sentences … it’s a must ! And above all, don’t give up.