TOEFL essay example: Why go to university?

Topic: People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I strongly believe that everyone whose goal is being successful in life should have a university degree. Since the beginning of this century, more and more youngsters choose to enter a university after they have completed the study in high school rather than to join the army or become a apprentice. Studying at a college can benefit a person greatly.

First of all, university provide people to have knowledge in their majors in depth, meet new people and develop a career. A college or university is the best place where one can gain knowledge and become valuable to the society. But studying at a college or university does not only increase their knowledge, It offers to meet people who have different cultures or abilities and a really good social life. Universities help students in achieving their goals by preparing them for the career they have picked.

It is believed that practice is more important to be successful but universities provide only theoritical knowledge. I totally disagree with that kinds of speculations. To go into business would show how hard and complicated is the life of business and how easy to give in. Universities do not give us “only” theoritical knowledge, they give hints about what to do with complications during the life of business. It is true that genuine knowledge comes from practica, but it cannot be denied that genuine knowledge tells us how to practice. People who have completed the study in universities would be prepared for complications. On the other hand, univercities or colleges provide credit internships to their students to have a practical training.

There is no doubt that university can be the turning point of one’s future. A degree from the university gives people cartain identity that makes them stand out among their competitors. It can be seen from the fact that most international companies will only hire those who have at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Knowledge is power. A college or a universitiy is the place where dreams can be fullfilled. When achieving a degree at university, we can get a better understanding of the society and find a decent job in an easy way. All of those are due to the knowledge learned at a university.

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First paragraph good, and then went downhill rapidly. Rambling and wandering all over the place.


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A college or university education plays a vital role in one’s life. There are many reasons for the importance and necessity of college education.

First and foremost, it shapes up the career of an individual. A person who wants to seek higher education and become a professional in future has to have certain minimum knowledge and a degree which acknowledges his education. College education is an absolute must and a stepping stone for a healthy career. For example, in order to become a doctor, pharmacist or an engineer one has to finish certain minimum years of college education. Only then, can he be granted a degree and a license to be able to practice in the respective profession. College education generally is targeted towards a specific field and imparts thorough knowledge regarding it.

There are many other advantages to college education. It prepares the students and makes them ready to face real world. The didactic as well as practical components of study enhance the knowledge and skill of the students.

Most of the universities also have courses on ethics other than the academic ones to help make the professionals better human beings which has a very positive influence when one jumps into the real world as a professional.

In conclusion, attending a college/university is absolutely necessary, not only because of the knowledge that it imparts but also because it plays a pivotal role in building one’s career.

I shall appreciate if you can let me know which points I have missed, as it turns out to be a short essay…

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Namcy, your essay was, as usual, excellent. An odd word missed here or there, and a few missing commas. Don’t lose any sleep over it though. I enjoyed reading it.


Thank you Kitosdad…Can u please suggest me some other points which can be included, as this essay is less than 300 words…

The usual fear of " their children " leaving home to enter a university looms large in the minds of most parents.

Who will they be mixing with, what will they be doing now they have left the ever-watchful eyes of the parent is a point you may be able to make use of, I don’t know.

The universities environment compared to their previous schools are also points that would occur to me.

The developing of newer, more mature friendships may be worth mentioning. It isn’t only about gaining qualifications and knowledge. It is about broadening your whole experience of life, and about emphasising the need to use this time to the best advantage.

Here you will meet educated people from all manner of backgrounds, and this helps you to integrate at all levels of society. This is an opportunity to shape your future.
Be sure not to waste it.


There was a time when it was not so easy for everyone to gain knowledge. Poor quality of life, an inconsistent social order and war are a few of many reasons people had universities at the bottom of their pecking order. Today however, finding a university is rather easier to people, even if they live in a third-world-terrorist-dominated-country, they can always apply abroad. This viciously increasing portion of society, interested in universities, is entitled by various reasons to attend universities, some of which are addressed below.
Global industrialization changed the nature of almost all of jobs available. If someone wants not to be left behind of this gravy train, they should be able to adapt to these jobs that require special skills. Universities are now considered the only sources that offer these skills for applicants to master. For example, I want to have a job in a petrochemical company, one of which is well-payed and does not require a lot of hard working, so I chose a university that offers chemical engineering in an advanced level with state-of-the-art facilities.
Another reason for students to attend universities is social respect. For example, in my country, Iran, people start to look at students differently when they are admitted to a prestigious university. The same thing goes with the government; in a sense that academic society’s propensity for some issues is important in government decision making process.
Last but certainly not the least is the thirst for knowledge, after all that is why universities were built in the first place. For example, if somebody is interested in chemistry, and they are not satisfied with the courses offered in high school, there are always some universities that offer chemistry in a global level. Furthermore, students get to work with well-experienced professors and work with cutting-edge technology to conduct their research.
To sum up, universities have became centers offering different majors and skills at an international level, and now are a stepping stone for a lot of other opportunities, which can be solid reason for many people to go for higher education.

Hi Jtavan, usually it is better to post each essay in its own topic so it is easier to see if someone has responded to it yet. Anyway, I thought you did a pretty good job with this essay, though your thesis statement was a little unclear to me. Your body paragraphs were better, with detailed and personal examples that helped support your ideas. You don’t have too many grammatical errors, but some of your sentences could have been phrased better and some of your word choices could be improved. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5, but would have been a 4.5 with a better thesis.

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well thank you very much for your time. I will work on my openings, and try to have a better word selection

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