TOEFL essay example: Some people like living in the small town, others like...

Hello alan!
my name is Melody.I am preparing for a toefl essay.could you please evaluate my first essay?
Some people like living in the small town, others like the lifestyle in the big city.
Which do you prefer? In my opinion, I would prefer live in the city than a small town because of numerous reasons .the city is more convenient and crowded .It also appeals to me with many opportunities to access to most modern facilities for study .In addition we can be acquainted with many people.

First of all, nobody can disclaim the convenience of the city .Transportation in there is easier than in either countryside or small town .Whenever you want to go anywhere you have various choices .You can take a taxi or get around with your car .The best choice is seemingly going by bus .you can save a measurable money when using public transportation. This is one thing you can’t have when you live in a small town. It’s also
Easy for you to go shopping. In a small town, there is only two or three even one shop
For you to buy whereas you can find shops in most streets in the city.

Furthermore, the city is the place, where I can access the most modern facilities for study. I used to study learn in a rural school .My class room is small and lack of equipment such as table and black board .It is really hard for me to study efficiently .
That why I feel really happy when I learn in a large class which is equipped facilities adequately. In the city we are encouraged to take part in outdoor activities, voluntary activities .They make students more dynamic, which is only on theory if you live in the small town.

Finally, if you live in the city you certainly meet a lot of people. It is certainly more interesting than meeting the same people every day and talking the same topics .talking to many people can also broaden your knowledge .Of course there will be both of good people and bad people but you will become more mature when you get in touch with them and learn from them how to have good manners.

In a word I prefer living in the city to small town for all its advantages .I’m sure that most of the young will agree with me. That why many cities usually confront with overpopulation.

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