TOEFL essay example: Smoking should not be permitted in restaurants...

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Smoking should not be permitted in restaurants, and state laws that prohibit it should be upheld.

I agree that smoking should not be permitted in restaurants for a number of reasons. First, it causes serious health problems – the secondary smoke can hurt both the customers and the employees. Adults, children and pregnant women may be affected by smoke which drifts into the whole restaurant. Smoking is an individual choice and smokers should not engage other people in their own decision. A lot of researches a made about the perils of secondhand smoking and they all agree that this is a major problem of our developed society. State laws that prohibit smoking in public places should definitely be upheld because they provide people health care. Smoke often annoys us but there is a bigger problem which can appear later- lung cancer, asthma or even heart disease. It is the restaurateurs’ responsibility to protect their customers and employees health.

Furthermore, smoking affects the taste of food. The specific aroma is important part of every meal. But if there is a smoker near by the pleasant experience of having dinner or lunch is diminished. It is not a serious problem for smokers but it is always annoying for the people who do not smoke. Moreover, in my opinion that smell and taste are related and food absorbs the smoke in smoking permitted restaurants. Thus, people are not able to enjoy their meal in full.

I believe that so-called “non-smoking areas” are not the best way to solve the problem. I agree that smoking prohibition affects restaurant business badly in decreasing its profit. But more important thing than making money is our health. There is no doubt that this is a controversial issue but we must remember that legislation is made in people’s sake. The smokers may be segregated in a different place but the smoke itself drifts in the whole restaurant and people inhale it even if they do not want to. Besides the unpleasant experience of eating in a smoke-filled environment people go home with smoke on their clothing, hair and lungs.

In conclusion, I support state laws that prohibit smoking in restaurants. It will prevent a lot of diseases and will preserve our nature clean.

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