TOEFL essay: Drug abuse has become a major social problem in many parts of...

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Drug abuse has become a major social problem in many parts of the world. Discuss the consequences of drug abuse and ways to deal with the problem.

Nowadays, we are all becoming aware of the fact that year by year the number of drug users is increasing. Most people, especially young generation tend to try the drug in thought that they can leave it and as a result often become victim of it. Due to the fact consequences of high level of drug abuse is leading to spreading of different diseases, growth of crime the problem should be solved as soon as possible.

To begin with, it goes without saying that the drug abuse is one of the sources of HIV. Children of people who use drug mostly have serious health problems. Consequently, those parents escape from taking responsibility and leave them in orphan’s house. According to investigations, people first time just want to taste drug, and then cannot stop it. They sell everything to get little portion of drug and even sometimes go to crimes such as killing a person and stealing various things.

Turning to the question how to solve problem of drug abuse, firstly, I would say that government should open special hospitals, where drug abusers can be cured for free. They should provide also with psychological help as it might be difficult to explain for simple people why the person should refuse using drug. Moreover, strong control should be set in places where drug probably can be sold. People should be punished if they make profit by this type of business. In schools and universities teachers should give special lectures about drugs and it’s bad effects.

All things considered, I feel strongly that as the number of drug users is becoming higher and higher immediate steps should be applied. People can be happy only if they have strong health and this can be good statement to teach every child before he makes step to take drug.

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