TOEFL essay: Developments in transportation such as the invention of the auto...

Topic:Developments in transportation such as the invention of the automobile have had as enormous impact on modern society. Choose another development in transportatin that you think is of great importance. Give reasons for your collection.


Developments in technology and science has brought people many great inventions. In transportation, the invention of the automobile have had an enormous impact on modern society. That will be a shortcoming if we don’t mention the invention of jet transportation. As far as I am concerned, it is the greatest importance in transportation. (1950s)

In the first place, jet transportation is the most convenient, cleaner and safer to passengers. This is not only the fastest transport but also clean and modernly equipped. The service quality is more and more advanced to satisfy the higher demand of passengers. Hence, they will feel happy and pleased with their fly.

In the second place, travelling by air safes time and brings much benefit to people. Before the appearance of transport, people had to ship about some months from Vietnam to America. But now, when airline service has developed, it only takes people 30 hours to fly from Hanoi to Washington. It is clearly that air travel os advantageous.

In the third place, jet transport has promoted culture exchange, business, sport activities, etc among the nations all over the world. For instance, people travel to another countries for many purposes such as business, studying. By air, they arrive there quickly. Another example, an American professor was a victim of a road accident in Hanoi. Thanks to ambulance plane, he was brought home before he died. This partly poured comfort to his relatives’heart. In Sea Games 22 held in Vietnam, many international friends had arrived Vietnam. Airlilne has partly strenthen solidarity between Vietnam and other countries.

Although there are many advantages of jet transportation, airline still have to face perils. That is pollulted air because of exhaust fumes. Dangerously, that lead to greenhouse effect which cause many disasters to people. Moreover, noise is also a problem. For another, plane terrorist, plane bomb as well as plane rob are urgent situations. Hence, governments should enhance airline security.

In conclusion, although jet transportation has advantages as well as disadvantages, it is still the greatest importance in the development of transportation. It is useful to people, safes time, promotes economics and makes nations closer. However, air security is still a complicated problem demanding people’s action.

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