TOEFL essay: Confidence comes from the support of others

TOEFL essay: Confidence comes from the support of others

Imagine yourself being stranded on an Island with no people on it, limited food supplies, and an escape plan. The escape plan can be either successful or unsuccessful. In order to determine the success, you would need other to motivate, support, and point out the problems for you. Unfortunately, you do not have anyone with you; so what do you do? Before I answer the question, I would like you to think for a second and compare your answer to mines at the end of the essay. So, what is confidence? Well, confidence is when a person has motivation from others or from themselves. At a certain time in life, a person would need some support and motivations from others in order to succeed something. I believe one can not build self confidence by themselves; it would be difficult to do so. However, the only time to use self motivations is when no one is supporting that person and he/she would do everything they can to prove others wrong.

Motivation from other is the key to success. Why? Without motivation from others, a person will never know what he/she did wrong, will not have any determination to do anything, and will not strive to do better. For example, if a person wants to run a 6km marathon, he/she would ask their family and/or friends for some support. Family would dedicate their time and money to help support their son/daughter to run the 6km marathon. When that marathon comes, the family and friends would go to the event and cheer for that person. With that kind of motivation and support that would make the person feel happy and successful. If that person finishes last or first, family and friends would go comfort the person giving him/her good comments like “You did a great job!” or “You almost had it. Next time you’ll get it!”

However, some situation does not require support from others. Sometimes, when a person does not have support from others, inside of them will motivate him/her to do better, prove others wrong and/or gain respect from others. For example, Naruto, from an anime show, never got any respect from his village. Everyone looked at him as if he’s a demon. He did not have parents or friends when he was growing up; he looked after himself throughout his entire life. As he grew older, he began to prove everyone that they are wrong about him. He has reached out to others who were similar to him and showed him that even if no one seems to care about him/her, there’s always someone out there that are just like them.

In conclusion, having motivations and support from others is better than giving motivations and support to self. However, when no one is supporting a person, he/she would need some self motivation and determination from within. When they have that, they can gain others respect and have others supporting them. If everyone is like Naruto, that would remarkable. With his determination and devotion, nothing can stop him.

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