TOEFL essay: Compare yourself today and yourself five years ago

Could any of you give me some help with my essay?
Thanks so much!

I think I have changed in many aspects since five years ago and now, albeit the life situation has changed, I can think better than past. I face other limitation and because of life situation I have to leave some of my hobbits and have not any opportunity to following them as well as past.
Five years ago, I thought on a different way. I did not pay attention to many things. Life was beauty with out any hardship and it seems there was not any problem; or at least I when I faced a problem, I tried to solve that with my parents. But today I have introduced with many aspect of life, I have my own life and my own problems and try to solving them individually.
Those times I was in high school and I never thought about money or financial issue. I got money from my parents and spend it with out any consideration. While today, finance became the most important factor of my life and I always I notice it. I work for a company and I spend many hours in office because of money. So I know getting money is not as easy as spending it and always plays important role and I always watch it. For instance when I go to theater or cinema with my friends, I try to commit myself from squandering money and spend it more wisely.
I was television addict. Always, I was in front of television so far I did all my tasks while I was watching TV. I turned on TV when I got home and turn it off when I went to bed. While now day I rarely follow TV programs because all my time occupy with working and when I got home I go to the bed directly.
In spite of I am same boy in 5 years ago and have same hobbits, favorites and behaves, my life has changed in many aspect and it has influence on me. This matter is a rule of nature; we would change because life would change

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