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People attend colleges and universities for many different reasons(New experiences, Career preparation, Increased knowledge etc) . Why do you think people attend colleges? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

TOEFL essay: Colleges and Universities are regarded as the temples of learning. I feel that this is precise reason for people attending them. Colleges sport an environment of intellect and responsibility ,which provides the right atmosphere for anybody to gain in depth knowledge about any particular field. It is impossible for me to think of any other institution where one can expect to have intellectual discussions with people who are highly experienced and well versed in the same field.
Knowledge without application is of very little use , and it directly applies in this aspect also. As a consequence , colleges also act as a gateway to opportunities and a multitude of career prospects. Many colleges have what is known as a “campus recruitment” by means of the students are placed in companies for jobs. This provides a good way for the scholars to apply their skills and earn in return.
Colleges also serve as a means to strengthen social bonds between students from various corners of the globe. It gives them a chance to understand and adjust to the practises and customs of geographically segrigated people. This is what really prepares the students for the real world.
To sum it all up , people join colleges and universities to get prepared for the real world by increasing their knowledge base , applying it in a commercial or corporate profession and knowing how to face people.

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Hi universpace,

This is an excellent piece of writing. You should have no problem in getting a high mark if this is typical of your work.


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