TOEFL essay: Classmates are a more important influence than parents...

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Classmates are a more important influence than parents on a child’s success in school. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Learning is an integral component of human society throughout history. Children education has also been given the top priority by educators in recent decades. A number of opinions claim that parents play the most crucial role in a child’s academic performance. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the impacts of classmates on a student’s learning result are more significant. This piece of writing will thoroughly clarify the rationale for my perspective.

Peer rivalry proves to be an essential factor altering children’s learning. Positive emulation among young students reportedly produces a forceful motivation which significantly stimulates these children to focus on studying. Whereas parental attention is often hardly able to evoke notable efforts to study from young learners, peer competition at educational institutions is more than likely to inspire these children to try their utmost to attain the sense of achievement against fellow students. Actually, the pride of gaining higher grades in comparison with classmates represents a remarkable stimulus for children’s learning at school.

In addition, frequent interaction with fellow learners in classes is capable of considerably promoting a child’s learning performance. As the amount of time a young student expends on learning activities with classmates is usually more substantial than with parents, the influence of the former on the child’s performance at school is undoubtedly more considerable than that of the latter. While parental care is barely able to teach a child how to study, through a variety of activities with classmates in an array of subjects in classes, a child is capable of expeditiously acquiring practical learning methodologies from peers. The reality already indicates that a number of affluent families which keep their children at home with excellent tutors regularly find the academic performance of their beloved children apparently poorer than that of young students attending regular school. As a matter of fact, peer learning occupies an indispensable position in young students’ study.

In conclusion, favorable vying and mutual learning among fellow students are huge boons that a young learner is likely to enjoy at school. Hence, parents are strongly recommended to encourage their children to further interact with classmates to maximize the aforementioned benefits of schooling.

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Please check my essay and give me some advice.
066.Are classmates a more important influence than parents on a children’s success in school?
In our periods of school,there are two people essential to us——parents and classmates.Some consider classmates,some insist upon parents.At the same time,it is a hard problem that is answered.After all,there are many factors influnencing on children’s success in school:the geniuses,the individuality,goods teachers and so on,are also leading to an excellent students,the classmates and parents are each important two aspects.Amy Chua,as has two daughters in USA,is a severe mother.Her second daughter is a rebel,who is against you with you being severe on her but has a talent for tennis.At first,Chua required her to do the things he think significant and demanded that all of classes should be marked A+;however,it is useless;hence Chua gave her more choices,and the daughter choose the tennis;on top of this,she work hard plus having good teachers;at last she succeed.
As mentioned above, Chua’s first daughter is not the same as the second,as will have good jobs if you are strict with her and compel her to do the things you expect.With mother Chua “compelling”,she gain a big price in piano and obtain A+ every program;finally,she achieve going to the Harvard University and success.Albert Einstein, is a famous scientist due to affected by his family,especially his mother,as give him many magazines that possess many mathematics and science games.Some people are successful and well-known owing to their successful and well-known parents.
Nevertheless,the word is coming back:sometimes classmates are really essential to others.They all have good social intercourse.Some bands like Mayday\Sodagreen\The Beatles,their members’success depends on their unity\coordination\cooperation\shareness,which they learn from classmates;besides,most of them are classmates each other.Secondly,Dale Carnegie,as is father of adult education,sponsor of human nature,originator of interpersonal relations,is effected by his classmate called Sam White,who argue with Carnegie,and Carnegie said caustic words to him,the Sam said:In a day,I will cut off your disgusting big ears.The big and wide ears of Carnegie is a mockable object,and Carnegie didn’t sleep because he is fearful.Afterwards,he know the things that if you want to let others be glad to you,you shouldn’t shake their scars of their heart.Following the same formulas,he is interested in psychology and interpersonal relations.Now,Carnegie is famous for his “success lessons”.
In sum,classmates are not a imporetant influence than parents on children’s success in school.Classmates and parents are not only the essence of the children’s success.Moreover,they have mutual existence,which isn’t minus alternative.Therefore,as to children’s success,classmates are equal to parents.