TOEFL essay. Choose one of the following transportation vehicles...

[b]Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people’s lives.

  • Automobiles
  • Bicycles
  • Airplanes
    Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.[/b]

In the world of today, we have many different types of transportation vehicles as automobiles, bicycles and airplanes. But, I think that airplanes really changed our lives. They become different our perception of distances, they give us the opportunity to access a high variety of products and they are a great support in natural disasters.

One or two centuries ago, people had to take a ship to travel from one continent to another. This trip normally took two or three months. That was a lot of time spent in just one trip. But now, we count with airplanes which help us to make shorter the distances between places. This transportation mean, made the planet earth a smaller and accessible place to everybody.

In the other hand, products like exotic fruits and plants. They are now possible to acquire so easy around the world, thanks to airplanes. They open a tremendous whole new world of trade and marketing, because they can transport goods fast and safety, where you want and you need. It is impossible to goal by other means.

Disasters like earthquakes, tornados and tsunamis are terrible and very common today. This kind of events needs a huge contribution of help from everybody and the only way to satisfy the needed of the victims fast is with airplanes. They can move a great mass of people as Peace Corps and goods as medicines and food to help as soon as possible. For that reason those devices are so important, they really change our capacity to good to deal with this kind of conflicts.

Summing up, Airplanes are the most important and notable transportation vehicle of the last 90 years. They change our perception of distances transforming our planet in a smaller place; they also give us an access to many products and help us to support the people who were affected for a natural disaster.

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kitosdad what is this word “airoplanes”, don’t you mean “aeroplanes”? And why we cannot use the word “airplane”?

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Air-plane is the accepted form.

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Aero plane is an alternative form. (American form.)

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