TOEFL essay: Childhood is the happiest time of a person’s life.

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Do you agree or disagree: Childhood is the happiest time of a person’s life.
Use specific reasons and example.

When we became older,we then realise that childhood is the happiest period of human-being’s life.In the childhood, you do not have any responsibilities.You can do whatever you want and the best sight of this,no one can judge you due to your behaviours.There are no limitation to your naughtinesses.

Firstly,the most of memories does not matter good or bad but espically unforgivens happen in our childhood.In addition,when we are a child,we do our first friends,and the most of our good and close friends are from those earlier years.An importance of this fellowship is, your friends does not keen on who you are and what you do.

Moreover,when you are a child,you have plenty time to make naughtiness or plays.When you became adult,you comprehend that you do not have enough time to do your habits.For instance;when I was a child,I used to play football,hanging out with my best friends in my leisure times but now I became anti-social person that spend his most of time in front of computer.I really get bored because of this situation but nothing to do.I dont have much friends likewise in my childhood.In fact,it is partly not under my control because Im not a child as well and have some responsibilities against both myself and my family.

In a nutshell,Time is using like a water,and we are becoming older.We are unable go back our happy childhood period so we should remember good memories and spend more time to do our habits.

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Childhood times were the best times of our life -this we ve heard from almost every person we ve ever met.I agree to this too.There inumerable reasons we account for such a memorable time of our life.

One of the reasons i believe childhood to best an unforgettable experience is because we learnt almost everything during our childhood.
For example,respecting elderly is the most common and one of the first things to be taught to us as we were young.Still we carry those habbits n praise our childhood for such indispensible qualities.

Another reason i would like to add is, the best part about childhood was having no responsibilities .Like during childhood we would have easily got away with a holiday from work in contrast to wat we fear of doing now because of increase in responsibilities.

Finally i would point out that in our school days health was never a problem.During childhood we were more fit and agile .We could have easily run a mile.

In my conclusion, Today when we look back in time we miss those carefree innocent days of our life which are permanently etched in our hearts.