TOEFL essay: Big cities or small towns. What do you prefer.

Big cities or small towns. What do you prefer.

I grew up in the small town, then I moved to the big city. When I just came there I thought that it would be difficult for me to live there. But than I changed my mind. I like this city better, than my hometown.
First of all, big cities always have better opportunities than small towns. For example, it is easier to find a job there. Small towns don’t have a lot of employment opportunities and salaries are usually lower.
Secondly, there are a lot of cultural activities in a big city. There is a wide assortment of restaurants, theatres, night clubs. Many famous singers and musicians come there. Small towns are very boring, usually they have only one or two restaurants. There is nowhere to go if you want to have some fun.
Thirdly, small towns have a problem of transportation. You need a car if you want to go somewhere. Big cities have a heavy traffic and expensive parking, but there is a choice of taking public transportation, such as bus or subway. It is very convenient especially in a rush hour.
Many people think that big cities are very noisy, dirty and sometimes are not safe, that’s why they prefer to live in a small quiet towns. I respect this point of view. But I enjoy living in a big city and I’m happy that I moved there.

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