Toefl essay- better to enjoy your money or is it better to save in future

Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Human beings have different thoughts about their life. Some of them believe in enjoying life without considering about anything. But some others believe in saving money for future life. The topic is a controversial one, but In my opinion it is better to save money for further rather than spending for enjoyment. There are many reason behind my opinion.

First, the job market is not steady. Due to the oscillation in the job market , we cannot predict what will happen next. For example, my husband lost his job due to recession. He didn’t get a job for 2 years, but we had savings so that we were able to overcome that bad situation. For example, paying morgae, grocery and other bills without a income is difficult . On the other hand, if we did not have the habit of saving money, then we could not mange that situation. The most important fact human should understand is , life would not be same all the time. So human should consider unexpected problems before they send their money.

Second, I can use this money for my family . Human being have different stages in their life. And in each stages, they have lot of responsibilities . For example, if I save my money wisely I can use that to pay fees for my children. Otherwise, my children have to take loans for their education. Enjoying by eating in a fancy restaurant, or going other countries is not wrong , but if we control ourselves then we can enjoy our life in better way, after we finish our responsibility.

Finally, I can invest my money in another forms. For example, investment like land or business is a good option to save money. This kind of investment will be beneficial in future. Because it will last forever, and we can utilize this resources in any urgent situation. For example, for getting any loan from the bank. But we can’t consider money spending for a trip or other enjoyment as resources

In conclusion, people should use their resources wisely to enjoy their future life. However, before we spend money we should realize that life will never be same all the time, we have to expect worse problem. While considering all these fact, my view is saving money for future is good rather than spending for enjoyment.

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Hi, your writing is pretty good. I like your structure and your essay is well organized and easy to read. It may be a little too simple though. There is not much variety in sentence structure and vocabulary. You don’t really have any unclear sentences, but much of your writing sounds a bit stilted and unnatural. Still, a very good effort though, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

Hello, thank you very much for reviewing my essay.