TOEFL essay: Being happy with your work is more important than high salary?

I’ll appreciate native English speakers give me some advices, cause I will take the test on oct 12th.

Do you agree or disagree the following statement that:Being happy with your work is more important than high salary?

Recently, the issue of people should choose a career they are happy with or a job with a high salary has broght a hit debate on internet.Contrary to the opinion of many people is my heartfelt objection to choose a happy job over a well-paid one.The reasons are as follows.
To start with, considering the brutal competetion in our society, well paid job is difficult to obtain, but the interests of the job is eaier to cultivated.A lately investigation shows that nearly ten percent newly graduated college students can not find a job in 2000 ,and that number has doubled this year.As a result of population growth and globalization, the competetion we face is more and more severe now, the job available is already decreasing, the openings for high salary job are even rare.So if we have the opportunity to obtain a decent job, we should catch that no matter we like the job or not.And as long as we have an opimistic attitude, the bright side of the job will be discovered graduately .Therefore, to gain a high salary job is much harder than to find the interests of the job.
Moreover, when people have families, they should consider money more rather than their happiness of the job ,regarding the responsibility on their shoulder. Nowadays, the dilemma of choosing a high salary job or a happy job is not only the problem of employees in a family, it is also a problem for other family members,since the decision would affact them directily. For example, if a bread winner in a family perfered a low-salary job which he or she could obscure happiness to a well-paid job which he or she probabaly is not interested in, the result will be the children in that family have no opportunity to receive a further education since they can not afford it.Will any responsible parents let this happen to their beloved children?Obviousely, the answer is no.Hence, instead of affacting the single person,working also influcences the family members who called you “bread winner”, a high salary will be a better response to them.
Admittedly, prefering high-salary job to a happy one could bring problems to some people.For example, people who are not used to handle pressures could feel stressful when they are doing something they are no interests in,and people who failed to cultivate emotion to the high salary job might not have motivation to make progresses.However, a few water drops can not change the hight of the sealevel, those individuals hardly have impact on the whole pictures.
Judging from all points offered above, we may safely draw the conclusion that even though there are may be one or two disadvantages to prefering a high salary job to an interesting one, the advantages far outweight them when the fierce competetion of society and the reponsibilities of supporting the family are taken into consideration.


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