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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person’s childhood years (the time from birth to 12 years of age) are the most important years of a person’s life. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

People experience many periods during the life. Each period of their life is very important with them. They also witness many events or meet many special things in each step of the life. The period which is the most important years of a person is childhood years, from birth to 12 years old. Because, in these years, they study many important things for the future life.

Childhood years is the most suitable time to create the characteristic of a person. In the most of the life, people usually imitate the others around them, because in these age, they are not old enough to realize many things. Thus; this is the easy time for the parents who want to teach their children the good things or create a good characteristic for them. All children will learn follow parents and do not feel any angry or confuse. For example, parents always teach their children how to behave with the older people when their children were baby. Furthermore, if people do not be help to indicate them the right way to go, it is very difficult to correct them when they adult. Because, when they old enough, they feel familiar with their behavior and do not want to obey or to hear the others.

Besides, people feel easiest to get the knowledge at childhood years. A hard disk always have a fixed capacity, so they still only storage a number of data which has the same size with the hard disk. Data in the hard disk is much, data come into the hard disk is more difficult. Likes the hard disk, the brain of people also have small capacity. Thus; in the first ages of life, people have the largest ability and always are ready to to get the knowledge. They fell comfortable and easy each time they meet the new things. Moreover, at these ages, people have a excellent creative, so they can figure out anythings around them, it is very useful for their study.

In the conclusion, people always have a preparation to have good future. In each periods of the life, each person also have each step to prepare for their future or to update themselves. In my point of view, the childhood years is the most convenience time for a person to have a careful preparation for the future. In this period, they will have enough condition to be able to create either a good characteristic or good understanding.

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… Psychology it’s trying to analyze the mains aspects of the human personality and one of the principal questions it’s how the men construct the different layers of their character and, of course, exactly in what point of his life create those who remains for the rest of his life.

Some of the specialists tend to think that the personality it’s created at the youngest time, from birth to 12 years old. However I disagree with that argument partially.

I believe that the youngest period of life certainly it helps molding the person’s character, the relationship with their parent, their existence or nor of traumatic episodes, etc. However I’m a strong believer that the experiences that we live at the adolescence and until college are going to determinate the way we handle our self.

In your childhood, in most of cases, you’re extremely protected by your parents, you don’t get to take your own decisions, and consequently you don’t assume the consequences of you actions. At the moment that you’re on your own, you grow as a person and learn from that experience, witch if it is a mayor one it will mold your personality.

In conclusions I strongly believe that, as well, the childhood’s experiences are very important in a person’s life, there are other stages that are equal or even more determinant to men’s character and personality.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

People sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing but not always. Some people are do the things in which they are interested and like to do. The people like employer, employees, sells person, beggar etc there is very less possibility that these people are did there work as per their enjoyment. But at the same time many people like Sachin Tendulkar, mother Teresa, the legend Bhagat Singh or other company employer like Ratan Tata etc. these people consider their own interest and enjoyment and do the thing as per what their heart say.

Admittedly, There is Some people that they don’t like to things still they are doing, for example, the beggar he or she never like to do such work but they might don’t have any option. Some people are doing the job as employee or employers there is no guarantee that these people are enjoyed their jobs. Some might do because they get good salary or some other reason. But not all people did the same thing. See the example of Sachin Tendulkar, Mother Teresa, the legend Bhagat Singh etc.

Secondly, we all know the Sachin Tendulkar. From his childhood he is so much devoted towards cricket. He did hard work as much he can and selected in Indian cricket team. And due his strong determination and self confidence he is now a world number one batsman. Most of the cricket fans consider him as a idol. Also the another example is respectful Mother Teresa, she devoted her whole life for social work, when she came my country India and meet poor person and see how they survive she decided to give help and improve their lives. Any people admire her work. She fought against rights for poor people as well as women. The legend of Bhagat Singh is also a great example, when India is under the British people; the Bhagat Singh fought against British people and give the freedom to India. Due to his strong courage and confidence young generation is also inspire and consider him as a role model and fought against British people.

In conclusion, I agree with the statement that many people do things that they do not enjoying but not all people did the same things. It is varying from person to person attitude.

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