TOEFL essay: A new thing to creat ^^

Have you ever read “Doreamon” – a famous manga of Fujio.F.Fujiko? It was my favourite manga when I was only a child. It talked about a robotic cat with many magical machines. One of Doreamon’s machines that I like most is the Magical Door which helps Doreamon go anywhere he likes only in a wink. Therefore, if I could invent a new things, I would develop the Magical Door because it would help all of us go anywhere, save a lot of time for us in transportation and decrease the polution caused by transport vehicles.

The most important thing is that the Magical Door makes our wishes to go anywhere we like become true. It would be really wonderful if we could go to other countries that are far a way from our country. I always want to go on trip in France to see Eiffel Tower or go to Spain to enjoy the Flamenco’s rythms. With the Magical Door, you only need to think about the place you want to go and open the door, then the scenes of Saint Elise Square or the colourful streets in Spain would be in front of you. What is a wonderful magic! More simply, you are staying at home and suddenly find that you need to buy some foods for your lunch but it’s broken sunny outside. What should you do? Drive your car to the supermarket? No, you only need open the Magical Door and the supermaket would be very near as if it’s just next to your living room. As a result, our world would become no border and it also wouldn’t have the definition of distance or space.

Furthurmore, the Magical Door would reduce the time in transportation. It would be really amazing if we could go from HaNoi to New York in only a few sec. Last year, when my uncle who lived in New York came back to my country by plane, it took him two long day to go from New York to HaNoi. It was really a tiring journey. If we have the Magical Door, a lot of time would be saved and we could enjoy our trip better. Moreover, we don’t need to waste your time to wait for bus or train and stuck in traffic jam which is our nightmare everyday we go to work.

Additionly, air pollution and noise pollution would be diminished a lot with the birth of the Magical Door. Nowadays, a lot of vehicles run almost a whole day makes our atmostphere polluted more and more. All of them also produce amount of noise that could lead to some psychological deseases in humans. Those are the big problems that many countries have to deal with. How to decease the number of motorbikes, cars and trucks? A lot of sollution was planned but still impossible or not many effects. However, with the Magical Door, we would solve these problems totally because it would replace all the vehicles and pay us a fresh air as we have had bebore. We wouldn’t need cars or motorbikes but use the Magical Door to go anywhere we like.

As I mentioned before, the Magical Door would help us solve the problem in transportation, evironment and save a lot of time for us. Unfortunately, I am not an inventor and also don’t have Doreamon with many magical machines, so the Magical Door is only in manga and in my imagine. But I still hope that it will become true in the future.

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I havn’t heard about “Doreamon" before. You know, I like it! It is very sad that it can be only in imagination. However Thank you for you story !


It’s “Doraemon”, right
My whole childhood was full of Doraemon and I still love them now
I was jealous with Nobita, a ham-fisted student, he have everything because Dore always beside him

But now I think, if I had lived like Nobita, life would be no surprise and awesome anymore