TOEFL essay: a large shopping center may be built...

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“It has recently been announced that a large shopping center may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.”

A large shopping center is about to be built in our quiet neighborhood. Although it will benefact us in some way, I strongly oppose that perspective. With such a big and brisk place nearby, a lot of people will certainly be attracted. This means that our community will become more unsafe, crowded and noisy.

The building of a large shopping center will make our neighborhood a rather dangerous place. People’s coming every day will increase the traffic. Now that there are so many small kids in our community, cars will certainly be a peril for them. I am aslo afraid that the new megamarket will attract thieves.

Such a large edifice as a shopping mall will make our community more crowded and ungainly. I wouldn’t like to see a parking lot in the place of the local forest. In addition, the shopping center will attract more and various people in our neighborhood and the area will get too dense with settlers.

I don’t support the idea of establishing a new shopping center , because it will make our community uncomfortable. There will be a lot of building works, which will grant our quiet area with noise and pollution. As i don’t commerciality, i fear that a lot of companies will place their banners and ads here and there , and thus will spoil the nice nature we have in the region.

A shopping center will be a benefactor for those who will visit it, but not for us who will live near it. I oppose the building of taht megamarket , because it will make our community unsafe, crowded and uncomfortable

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