TOEFL essay: A gift (such as a camera, soccer ball or an animal ) can contribute

A gift (such as a camera, soccer ball or an animal )can contribute to a childs development. What gift would you give to help a child develop? why? Use reasons and specific examples to support your choice.

I am positive that a gift will help a child to develop. I will present an animal to a child. Children love to play with animals for example cat, dog, and cow. They enjoy their company. Children learn faithfulness from animals.
My niece loves animals more than dolls. Seeing a cat, she stops crying. Children leaves with nature, they learn how to pronounce names, which is a good vocal exercise; moreover when they try to imitate their voices they actually practice, this activity helps them to use brain, which increases their capacity to grasp, understand, and interpret. This is very important learning skill, which a small kid can learn on their own without any teachers.

Their knowledge increases about different type of domestic animals, their uses, what food they prefer and in what environment they survive. In my opinion, gifting a soccer ball or a camera is quite expensive compared to animals. Overall, soccer ball if given child will need a partner and playground to play, now if he/she is alone, what is the use of it?

Even though camera will help child to capture any moment at just any click, but it is another expensive commodity. Certainly, child has to take care of it, which is very impossible for such a younger age individual to look after it, when at their age they are busy enjoying, and they are careless. Animals teach them many things, for instance, to be independent, to look after their younger ones; for example, how a dog looks after young puppies. This teaches them responsibility. Children give relief to their parents, who find sometime very difficult to control their crying. On the other hand, they give them company when they are alone without any friends to play with them and share their secrets.

In conclusion, animals are a best gift to develop a child character, improves brain functions and activities, which is cheaper than camera and soccer ball, which has to purchased and taken care of to avoid theft.

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