Today more people are overweight than ever before

Today more people are overweight than ever before.

What in your opinion are the primary causes of this?

What measures can be taken to overcome this epidemic?

The percentage of obese people has drastically increased over the last 2 decades in the world. There are a number of reasons for deteriorating health due to the lifestyle and eating habits. This essay will examine the primary causes of health ailments and measures that can be taken to maintain a healthy body and life.

It is being rightly said that “Health is wealth”, as a healthy mind and soul resides in a healthy body. But due to a fast lifestyle, most people require food to be ready in a few minutes, so they opt for pre-processed foods, pre-cooked meals which contains a lot of preservatives. Moreover, the trend of eating outside has also increased especially fast-food in children. Fast-food has a very bad effect on the human digestive system due to the rich in bad oil, unsaturated fat, and carbohydrates, also it is very low on nutrition content. As per the study from WHO (World health organization) increase in obesity in children is increasing by an average of 3% every year. Ultimately, increase in diabetic patients is also soaring across the globe.

To overcome the health problem, exercise is not the only solution. The person need to inculcate healthy eating habits from childhood. Various health organizations, institutions should educate people on the nutritional value of the food and defiant unhealthy fast-food resultant chains & processed food who only cares for the profit. Numerous researches are on-going in the area of stem cell production of meat, organic farming, etc., they should be promoted to make it available for the public at low cost. Apart from physical health mental health should also be prioritized by means yoga and meditation etc.

In conclusion, there are many factors resulting increase in people with overweight primarily being eating habits & un-nutritious food. This can be overcome through daily exercise, yoga & keeping good mental health. However, government & health institutions should reprimand chemical-based food production also educating people on maintaining good health.


Hi Learner, welcome to our forum and many thanks for sharing your essay. Do you know that in so-called ‘developed countries’ consumers waste about 40% of all the food they buy while in ‘developing countries’ a child dies of malnutrition every single minute? So, which do you think is worse, the problem of obesity in rich countries or hunger and malnutrition in poor countries?

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