To who does this belong?

To who does this belong?

  1. To whom does it belong?
  2. Who does it belong to? (preferrable)

To whom it belongs

whom does this belong

‘To whom does this belong?’ is the grammatically correct term, but as the English language is evolving, more and more native speakers are using and accepting ‘who’ in the way you have used it.

Who does this belong to?" is less formal and may, as Tort suggests, be preferred by many people, but others dislike ending the sentence with ‘to’.

‘To whom does this belong?’ is correct but very formal and should only be used in written English.

‘Who does this belong to?’ is the normal spoken expression.

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Is there an echo in here?

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BN means life is a process of learning, Sergey. Just for clarification, Beeesneees is a native English teacher, who still keeps learning, though.

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