To view the better of this film.

So guys who is your Favorite Character Hollywood Movies To view the better of this film.

Mine is Jack McCoy, portrayed by Sam Waterson.
A brilliant actor.
He glorifies the profession of ADA. Makes me want to be an ADA for Manhattan :)))

I think you just answered a spammer Tort.

This thought crossed my mind, but seeing as this was his only post and there was no mention of any trademark/brand name, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt :)))

The Joker (Heath Ledger) From the Dark Knight ! None can match his acting … May his soul RIP

well, at the moment I am very impressed with Javier Bardem`s played character Uxbal in a/the…(?) film “Biutiful”
although it doesnt match with the topic, the film wasn’t made in Hollywood - made in Spain hence an european movie ))
I higly recommend this film to all of you :sunglasses: