To triple vs to treble; a verb for 'make thrice as less'


What verb do you prefer to use for ‘to make something three times more’ (in amount)?
to triple?
to treble?

Could you also say, is there a verb in English with the meaning ‘make something three times less’?
Or should I build an expression with thrice or threefold or something like that, - and with ‘less’?

I like treble, but I think it is fading away (as is thrice); I use triple (quadruple, quintuple, etc).

We can halve and quarter things, but I have never heard a verb for other fractions. I suggest you avoid trying to get fancy with ‘-fold’, which is a multiple suffix, and state it forthrightly: we made it / reduced it to one-third the size.

Thank you, Mister Micawber.

Yes… one time I had a great confusion, as tenfold can sometimes :slight_smile: mean not exactly ‘in ten times’, but just (to increase) ‘in many times’ :?