To teacher: He never forgive us...

Hello everyone I long time don’t write a letter . I am Lidiya I miss I want to study English but I do stop I don’t know why? Maybe I don’t believe to me I can’t speak fluently a learn to learn but the same thinks . i make too many mistakes when i speak.
what I can do? I am lost my hope. truly Lidiya

Good morning Lidiya. You are using all of the basic English correctly. You now have to learn the pronouns.

Once you have mastered the pronouns yours sentences will improve dramatically, and you can move on confidently to increasing your vocabulary.

Never give up. We can help you to succeed.


Hello everyone, It is a long time since I have written a letter here.

I am Lidiya. I want to study English but I keep stopping.

I don’t know why. Maybe I don’t belive that I can speak fluently.

I make too many mistakes. What can I do?
I am losing my will to learn.

Truly, Lidiya.

Hi Lidiya,

How did you learn to speak your native language? You can learn to speak English the same way if you start listening to English on a regular basis. Your step is to complete the 30/30 Challenge as described here: How to learn English? (30/30 Challenge)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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