to put down organized crime

The government should introduce measures aimed to put down or least restrict, organized crime.
please explain in this sentence:
1.put down?
2.or least restrict, organized crime = or in the smallest amount limit/confine, organized crime?

Thank You

  1. Eliminate forcefully
  2. No. At least restrict = restrict if unable to put down.

In the sentence there is ‘least’, not: ‘at least’, is it the same or makes some difference in the meaning?, maybe it is a mistake in the book?

It’s a mistake; it should be “at least”. Also, if there’s a comma after “restrict” then there should also be one after “put down”.

what does it mean: ‘one’ in your sentence Dozy, another one commam after ‘put down’? why?

Thanks a lot.

The government should introduce measures aimed to put down, or at least restrict, organized crime.

The comment within the commas is an extra thought; if both commas are omitted, it is a thought more restrictive of the overall statement. In either case, you must have an even number of commas (0 or 2).

Yes, “one” = (another) comma.

You mean why should there be a comma? The only justification for having a comma after “restrict” is to show that “or at least restrict” is a parenthetical phrase. If that’s the case, there should also be a comma before it.