To pass university is the only way to get successful.

Do you agree or disagree this statement? To pass university is the only way to get successful.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
I disagree with the statement because for many people they don’t pass university but they are successful in their career. However, if they pass universities, they are more easier to seek advancement in their jobs.
Firstly, we see that every year there are many students to graduate from universities and many of them can’t get a job. They don’t equip with knowledge, improve communicate skills when they have studied in universities. They don’t have the practical experience and knowledge. That’s reason why they find it hard to get job.
Secondly, they don’t pass universties. They take time to learn about job from people around them. They work hard and always cultivate knowledge as well as skill in job. They bear high pressure in work enviroment.They always do their best to make further improvement in job.
Thirdly, many people don’t pass universities. Many of them attend educational institutions which are open till late in night. Many sit for various examinations every year. The facilities and opportunities that they have to further their studies and increase their knowledge are indeed many.
It could therefore be said that “To pass university is not the only way to get successful”.

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As a Vietnamese people as you are, I am glad to give my humble opinions :D. I think everyone should play an active role in this forum

I don’t know to what extend Luschen would agree with me on my corrections

Hi Todat, thank you so much. You are a good teacher. I agree with all of your comments and corrections except for two minor points:

“Work environment” is ok

“It could therefore be said” is ok {your alternative is also fine}

I agree that your Hien’s final body paragraph is unclear. Are you talking about students who fail out of university but pursue specialized studies at smaller trade schools? Make it clear that you are not talking about universities, but instead an alternative to the standard college.

Hi, thanks Luschen. By the way, what is the difference btw “work environment” and “working environment”
I think “working environment” is better here because it often relates to some kinds of job and work places

There is no difference, it is just that working environment sounds a bit less natural. There are a few English verbs that can be used as adjectives without having to add “ing”. The most common ones are “work”, “study”, and “play”:

work clothes
work habits
study habits
study materials
study hall
play clothes
play time
{these last two are so common, they have become compound words}

For these words, adding the “ing” seems grammatically correct, but it makes the term sound less natural.

Thanks Mr Luschen and Mr Todat. I want to ask a question:
When we use the structure: " subject TOBE noun to verb" .
For example: Today is the day to begin to release all your limitation.

Today is the day THAT you will release all your limitations.
Today is the day FOR YOU to release all your limitations.
TO begin raleasing all your limitations

Thank for your reply.
It is a sentence that the book “I can do it” wrote. This sentence was not read by me.