To me or for me

Hello everybody!!! Could you answer me, please. I don’t know what proposition must I choose in these sentences:
That he read Latin was news TO me
That he read Latin was news FOR me
Many thanks. Ariadna :roll:

Hi Ariadna,

It was news to you that he read Latin because before you didn’t know.
If something is news for you the information is addressed to you and no-one else.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsren, this difference is very important.
My friend sometimes tells me:" You must understand it. This is true" But in one article I saw sentence. That is true.
Maybe, he always makes the mistake. What do you think?
Thanks. Ariadna :roll:

Hi Ariadna,

Just a quick comment to add something to what Torsten has already written. You could use both forms in the same sentence: It was certainly news to me (the first time I had heard this) that the information was good news for you (intended for you).

Best wishes


Frankly speaking, Alan I thought that to me and for me had the same meaning. Once I noticed that my boss sometimes used to me and for me. Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to ask him. Now I understand that this difference is substantial.
Thank you
Ariadna :slight_smile:

Hi everybody again!! Hi Alan and Torsten! I am sorry very much, but I want to ask you about my second guestion. this is true and that is true, it is true - do all these expressiones have the same meaning?
For instance,
Living without water is impossible. It is true( this is true, that is true)
I couldn’t find the explanation in my grammatical books.
Thank you for your help in advance
Ariadna :roll:

Ariadna, what about these sentences:
It is true that living without water is impossible. (grammatically correct although a bit clumpsy)
That much is true: Living without water is impossible.
Living without water is impossible. This is true.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Torsten, I see that you recommend to use the sentence
This is true. (In my case) But I don’t understand( unfortunately, indeed)
That much is true
Thanks in advance.

Hi Ariadna,

You can use that much is true or this much is true whenever you want to emphasize that something is a fact. It’s just a set phrase.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten, thank you for your help.