To differ and to distinguish

Hi All! When Must I use to differ? When must I use To distinguish!
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Hi Terminator,

Two or more things can differ from each other. That means, they are different.
You can distinguish between two or more things. That means, you recognize them as different.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Is it incorrect? I can differ this book from another one.
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Hi! I think what you are trying to say is, “I can’t differentiate this book from one another.” However, I’m not quite sure what you are trying to say. I think there is always a way to differentiate one book from the other. Well, let’s wait what the teachers have to say on this.

Hi chocolatee,

There are two verbs: differ and differentiate.

Differ is an intransitive verb (has no object) and means be different from and differentiate is a transitive verb (takes an object) (and also intransitive ) and means make a difference between. Look at these sentences:

Both these bottles look the same but one differs from the other because one has a red label and the other a green label. In that way you can differentiate one from the other


Oh, okay. Your explanation makes a lot of sense. Thank you for giving us this great explanation and these good examples.