To become acquainted with somebody. I'm Alena from Russia.

Hello, I’m Alena. I’m 17. I’m a student. I’m from Russia.
I’ve learnt English for 7 years. Howeover my knowledge of English is not so good. I would like to improve my English :slight_smile:
I’m interesred in playing tennis, piano and so on. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m Damoon. I’m an English teacher and a MA degree holder in applied lingusitics. I’m 24. I will be so glad to be in touch with you specially if you need any help with your English.

Thank you, I’ve already received 5 lessons from Torsten Daerr and did some tests. And I would like to continue lessons.

Hi Lelya! I’m Andrey and I’m from Russia to. I live in Moscow region and like almost everyone who use this websit I try increase my knowledge of English. So where are you exactly from? Where have you studied English? And for what you are lerning this language?

I live in Ekaterinsburg and i’ve started learning English in my school. I would like to speak English fluently, because i need it for visiting foreign countries.

Foreign countriy is my dream) I’ve never been abroad. But in my opinion it’s not necessary to speak fluent for traveling. I mean you could only have a general language skills for not having problem with communication with other English speakers.
By the way I haven’t seen Ekaterinburg to so what does it look like?