to be NEW on the job (what does this means?)

Please have a look at this : ‘‘Edward was new ON the job,but he quickly fit himself into the established route of the office’’.
Is this a special usage of ON?If yes,please tell me in which context do we use that?

Hi duc

Yes, ‘on the job’ is a common collocation. Saying that ‘someone is new on the job’ means that ‘the person has just started working at a new company or in a new department’.

In fact, ‘on the job’ is such a common collocation that it can be hyphenated and used as an adjective: … &dict=CALD

By the way, I’d say that your sentence has a typo. You should have used the word ‘routine’ rather than ‘route’.


In addition to Amy’s explanation I’d like to point out that the question in your thread title should read 'What does it mean?" (Not “what does it means?”)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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