to back into the parking stall

English Grammar Tests, Elementary Level

ESL/EFL Test #192 [color=blue]“Verb Tense Practice (9)”, question 7

You have to your car in reverse before you can back into that parking stall.

(a) puts
(b) put
© putting
(d) is putting

English Grammar Tests, Elementary Level

ESL/EFL Test #192 [color=blue]“Verb Tense Practice (9)”, answer 7

You have to put your car in reverse before you can back into that parking stall.

Correct answer: (b) put

Your answer was: [color=green]correct

shouldn’t it be one word between,can’’ and,back’’, for example : before you can go back into…?

to ‘back into’ something means to reverse into something.
There is no missing word. It’s a single phrase.

Hi Bev,

Can you please tell me the difference between a parking space and a parking stall?

Many thanks,

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While you’re waiting for Bev’s input, here’s mine.

Other than the fact that a ‘parking stall’ would be specifically designated for the parking of a single car, I don’t think there necessarily IS a difference, Torsten.

However, I would be very surprised to hear anyone refer to a ‘parking space’ as a ‘parking stall’ in my area. Around here, the use of ‘parking stall’ might bring some sort of car-sized structure to people’s minds (something roughly the size of a one-car garage).

I have no idea how widespread the general use of ‘parking stall’ might be, but I would categorize it as uncommon in my neck of the woods.

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I’ve never used the term ‘parking stall’ but I understand it to be one of the names for a space marked off for parking a motor vehicle in a garage or parking lot. I would call that a parking space, but of course, a ‘parking space’ can also be defined as any area where a vehicle can be parked, whether or not it is marked off for the purpose.

So a parking stall will always be have white markings at the boundaries.
A parking space may be synonymous with ‘parking stall’ or may be a more general area for parking.

That’s my understanding, anyway. As I say, I have never heard the term used.

Department Reserved Parking Stall Policy
Definition & Purpose
This policy defines a way for UW & affiliated Departments to secure a “Reserved” parking stall (24 hrs/day, 7days/week) in a specific lot/ramp to meet their business needs.
• All reserved parking stalls must be renewed annually. (Refer to Permit Rates.)
• A specific business reason to justify the need for a reserved stall is required on the application.
• All reserved stalls are sold at full Annual Reserved Stall rate. No refunds or prorated fees.
• Reserved stalls that are not renewed will be removed after September 1st. … gStall.pdf

Heh-heh. He didn’t have long to wait, but we are in agreement.