(time flies) Just released episode #100 of my little podcast for English learners

Hi everyone. As some of you may know (because you helped with advice and ideas :pray:) I started a podcast for English language learners just over a year ago.

It seems like yesterday, but I just released the 100th episode of it. I’ve been doing 2 a week since then, and it’s now been listened to over 200K times by people in 173 countries, which is a little mad to think.

If you are one of those listeners, thank you - you’re amazing :star:

And if you’re interested in reading what it has taken to get here, here’s the ‘behind the scenes’ story.


Hi Alastair, what’s interesting is that although you seem to be wildly successful with your blog and podcast and everything it apparently hasn’t occurred to you that we could potentially work together in earnest: Let’s work together!

Instead, you use our forum just to peddle your own product. Very selfish.


Hi @Torsten - I’m confused. I just shared a link to something I thought could be interesting to others here. No peddling going on.

I’m open to working together in earnest. The link you shared is to a part of the forum that didn’t seem very active.


“Not being very active” is a question of what exactly you are looking for. When it comes to brainstorming ideas on how we might potentially work together pageviews shouldn’t be the main criterion.


From what I’d seen in this topic, it was used for English Best people internally, and the above introductory message didn’t make it clear how it should be actually used (by someone who wasn’t already a ‘content creator’).

I can’t see a way to email you directly, but if you would like to explore a way to work together, you can reach me at hi at leonardoenglish dot com.


I’ve just listened to your podcast episode on GDP and find your thoughts very interesting because they pretty much align with the following.