tiger pooped

Hello again

What if we talk about animals. Suppose some solid body waste came out of the body of an animal.

The tiger pooped. The elephant pooped. The monkey pooped.

Do they work?

Very informally, yes.

Thank you again,

As you know “defecate” is formal and “poop” is informal:

Suppose that I am a BBC reporter. I am talking about wild life in a jungle. All people are watching me on TV.

Can I still use the word “poop” while reporting? Or I should use “defecate”?

This is my second question:

Suppose that you are talking to you 24 year old sister.

Will you say: “Jennifer, my dog pooped on the street yesterday”

Will you say that? If not, then how will you say it? What’s the best way to say it?
Any alternatives?

Thanks so much in advance for your time

I don’t imagine a BBC reporter would use ‘pooped’.

Alternatives in your second example:
messed on the street
did its business on the street

These terms are used of animals, not people, and are more polite than some of your alternatives.

Thank you.