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Do u agree or disagree with the following statement: Village people who move to big cities are more successful and happier than people who stay in villages.

Life in big cities, generally, is thought to be of variety, which means there are all kinds of entertainments to take part in, diverse kinds of delicious food to eat, fancy clothes and shoes to buy and tall buildings like skyscrapers, can never exist in villages, in so-called metropolises. However, it is not safe to say that all of the village people moving to big cities can get what they are longing for and live better.

First of all, living in big cities means to face different pressures from your work, life, environment and people around you, especially the people from village. If you want to keep up with majority of the society, you need to work harder for the success and do a lot of work to realize your status as a city person. Life expense in big cities is much higher than in villages. Village people could be concerned with whether their salaries could afford their monthly cost. That is to say, Enjoying the modernization of a big city, village men have to meet the mental challenge–pressure from the big city at the same time.

In addition, village people might have to deal with discrimination from others. Villagers who once lived on the farm with cattle and sheep may be looked down upon by people living in cities originally. Under this circumstance, they could become depressed and achieve anything but not happiness. In short, village people in big cities may receive negative feelings, or even feel frustrated, but not succeed.

Meanwhile, staying in village doesn’t refer to less successful and happier. On the contrary, people who succeed in big cities and become wealthy come back to village to live their wonderful and leisurely country life, feeding animals and cultivating crops by themselves. Moving to metropolises can bring you pressure, depression and busy as well.

Everybody wants to be perfect in their life and goals. But moving to big cities is not the only way leading you to your happiness, we should find the one fit for us.

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