Now don’t just sit there, watching the clock tick down before making the dash to your local for some Thursday-is-the-new-Friday warm-down drinks.

  • Was it used occasionally or there’s something behind ‘Thursday-is-the-new-Friday’?

“A is the new B” is a set expression used jokingly to explain that some new fad or fashion, A, has replaced an older fashion, B. In this case it means that after-work (I suppose) drinks, previously restricted to Friday evenings, are now being enjoyed on Thursday evenings.


If a person is feeling blue (sad) because she is turning 50 years old tomorrow, a friend might (jokingly, as Dozy explained) comfort her by saying, “Hey, everything is fine. Don’t forget that 50 is the new 40.” That is, human beings are living longer. Therefore, 50 is not so old as it was before. Is 100 the new 90?

Sounds optimistic, James. In my view though, 70 (Biblical age) is optimal for a human to know the score.

Then I guess I “know the score.”