Through the window of a small-town city council

Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman,

It is August 2015, and I am sitting in a conference room with the then St. Louis Park mayor Jeff Jacobs; the city manager, Tom Harmening; and the city’s chief information officer, Clint Pires. Jacobs had been mayor since 1999 and on the city council since 1991. He is an unusual mix of Andy Griffith, Machiavelli, and Yogi Berra. That is, he has learned a ton about politics and human behavior through the window of a small-town city council, and he is capable of condensing his wisdom into memorable one-liners that Yogi and Machiavelli would have admired.

Does “through the window of a small-town city council” mean thanks to working in a small-town city council?

Thank you.


Yes, you are exactly correct.