'Thread pages' expanded horizontally

Dear Slava

I would be obliged if you could please shrink the size of the ‘thread pages’, removing the bar at the end of the page. Ever since the pages have been expanded horizontally and the bar has appeared at the end of each page so that we can move the page right and left, the charm of reading the posts has gone away. Why not expand it vertically as it used to be?

Hope for a positive response


Hi Tom, could you please tell me what browser you are using and what resolution your monitor has? Also, what do you mean by ‘the bar at the end of the page’? Are you talking about the Quick Reply box? Or does your screen have a scroll bar?

Dear Slava

I use Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6–By ‘bar’ I meant horizontal scroll bar. Now I have this long scroll bar at the end of each thread which makes reading posts a nuisance. Resolution is 800 x 600. Why am I suffering from this long horizontal scroll bar? :shock:



That might be your problem, Tom. I think an 800x600 resolution would result in the horizontal scroll bar you’re describing.

My monitor is set at a resolution of 1024 x 768 and I don’t have the horizontal scroll bar in any threads unless someone has posted an extremely long link (or word ;)).


Dear Tom,

please try it again.

Best wishes


Hi Tom,

please inform me about your horizontal scroll bar once again.


Thanks Amy and Slava a lot

Sorry, Slava, I should have given you the feedback myself. Too selfish on my part! Yes, I changed the resolution as per Amy’ advice and now no scroll bar at the end of threads. :smiley:

Many thanks again


PS Isn’t Resolution 800 x 600 the standard one?


The Internet has no standards for display’s resolution. Webmasters must make your pages for all resolution correctly.

Source: accessibility101.org.uk/tips/25.htm

Hi Tom
I recommend you to try Opera. I think it’s one of the best among the browsers :wink: