Thousands still trapped by "waters"

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  • Thousands still trapped by [color=red]waters

[color=red]waters, not “water,” is correct, isn’t it? [color=red]waters means “the water in a particular lake, river, sea or ocean,” doesn’t it?

“Waters” means lots and lots of water, maybe from more than one source, but extending very far and wide.

Thank you, Jamie. … tish/water
Can you find the definition of [color=red]waters in this page? Is it “an area of water that belongs to a particular place, state, country etc”?

Hi Tofu,

I think definition 2b in your link might fit in this case. The waters belong to the flood. In the US we often use the term “flood waters” to refer to all the water accumulated in a place from a flood.

Here is the only link I could find with that definition:

waters[plural]a large area of water, especially an ocean that is near or belongs to a particular country
the coastal waters of Alaska Korean/Mexican/Pacific etc waters The ship drifted into Turkish territorial waters .a species found in inland waters (=not the sea, but rivers, lakes etc) LDOCE
3waters [pl.] the water in a particular lake, river, sea or ocean:the grey waters of the River Clyde Ç This species is found in coastal waters around the Indian Ocean.
5waters [pl.] an area of sea or ocean belonging to a particular country:We were still in British waters. Ç fishing in international waters—see also territorial waters
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary